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What are Dental Pro 7 Ingredient?

Dental Pro 7 Ingredients – Toothpaste is important product for treating your teeth health. However, to make sure you don’t give another problem for your teeth, using right toothpaste is the first thing that you need to do. However, if you only depend on the toothpaste only, you won’t get maximum and better result for your tooth health.

Therefore, you need to use other product to keep your teeth healthy. In this case, you will need dental solution that is specially made for treating and protecting your teeth. And, if we have to choose one, Dental Pro 7 is our choice. The main reason why this product considered as one of the best is caused by Pro 7 Ingredients.

Dental Pro 7 Ingredients


Dental Pro 7 Ingredients: Dental Pro 7 use many different ingredients that can be considered as the best ingredients you can find. And, it’s not only best ingredient. These ingredients are also natural and safe to use. More than that, this product also has other plus points, such as:

  • This product doesn’t have paraben and other preservative inside. You may don’t know that there are many toothpaste use paraben, which is preservative substance that you can find on many cosmetic. Of course, this kind of preservative will be dangerous, if it get in touch with your teeth and there is also possibility that you will swallow this substance. Therefore, with no paraben inside, Dental Pro 7 is the safest choice for you.
  • Dental Pro 7 doesn’t use chemical or synthetic ingredients inside. We don’t say that chemical or synthetic ingredients aren’t safe for your body. However, it would be better, if you choose product that only uses natural ingredients. It’s safer and healthier. That means Dental Pro 7 is good choice, for safety and health department.
  • Dental Pro 7 is a concentrate.  This means you don’t need to use it in many of it. You can save more and it will work much better than other product.
  • Dental Pro 7 also doesn’t have color. It’s colorless substance, make it won’t disturb your teeth appearance. Therefore, even though you use it when you attend some event, you won’t have problem with it.
  • Dental Pro 7 doesn’t use animal product as one of ingredients. This is good thing, because this kind of ingredient has risk to attract more bacteria than other plant products.
  • And, it also doesn’t have SLS, Fluoride and perfumes. All of them are chemical substance, which like explained before, it can be unhealthy for your body and tooth

Commiphora Myrrha - Myrrh is the most important ingredient in Dental Pro 7

The Ingredients

Dental Pro 7 Ingredients: Now, after you know the good thing about this product, you also need to know why Dental Pro 7 is considered as best teeth solution. It’s the ingredients you can find in it. Here are the explanations of those ingredients.

  1. Helichrysum Italicum(Immortelle)

This is plant that originally came from Mediterranean area. It has yellow petals. This plant has antimicrobial properties that can control dangerous bacteria regeneration inside your mouth. More than that, it also has other properties, such as anti-inflammation and cell regeneration, which make it become the most important ingredient.

  1. Leptospermum scoparium(Manuka)

Dental Pro 7 Ingredients - Dental Pro 7 is no fluoride, no SLS, All NaturalYou can find this plant in East Cape, New Zealand. This plant has ability to kill bacteria that become the source of gum and teeth problem, with its anti-bacterial properties.

  1. Commiphoramyrrha(Myrrh)

This ingredient is also used in Indian Myrrh oil which contains Flavonoids. This substance will help you to reduce inflammation and increase immune system.

  1. Punica granatum(Pomegranate) seed

This is good antioxidants. It also has Omega 5 fatty acids that help your body to regenerate. This is good ingredient that can heal bleeding gum and killing bacteria that attack your teeth cavities.

  1. Dental Pro 7 Ingredients – Mentha Arensis(Cornmint)

This ingredient gives Dental Pro 7 fresh taste. More than that, this plant is also very effective for protecting your mouth from oral bacterial.

  1. Eugenia caryophyllus(Clovebud)

This ingredient has high level of antiseptic and anti-oxidant. In fact, this plant is the plant with highest rating of anti-oxidant. These properties will protect your teeth and gum from bacteria, effectively.

  1. Mentha Spicata(Spearmint leaf)

This ingredient is responsible for whitening your teeth. And, it also can heal your gum.

  1. Alpha tocopherol(Natural Vitamin E)

Vitamin E is known as the Vitamin that can help your body cell to regenerate. Therefore, it will be useful for healing your gum health problem. More than that, this ingredient also has high antioxidant.

  1. Thymus Vulgaris(White Thyme)

This plant can be found in Hungary. The antiseptic properties in this plant, will give you good protection against bacteria and other microorganism that can give you health problem on your gum and mouth.

  1. Mentha Piperita(Peppermint leaf)

Like we all know, Peppermint can give you fresh feeling. Therefore, this will make Dental Pro 7 feel really good to use.

  1. Vitis Vinifera(Grapeseed)

With Omega 6 fatty acid, it will give you powerful protection for your teeth and gum.

Dental Pro 7 Ingredients: Just look at those ingredients. Those were the best natural ingredients that you can find today. And that means you will get best benefits from Dental Pro 7, when you use it regularly.

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