Dental Pro 7 Prevents Surgery – Dental Pro 7 Periodontal treatment

Some people with periodontal claim that Dental Pro 7 prevents surgery. Periodontal is a severe gum infection that can cause damage to soft tissue and tooth-supporting bones. This condition should not be taken lightly and should be treated immediately. In addition to causing the teeth, bacteria in the gum tissue can also enter the bloodstream and invade other organs, such as the lungs and heart.

Dental Pro 7 Ingredients

Benefits of Dental Pro 7

Dental Pro 7 is made using natural ingredients that are proven to prevent and treat some signs of periodontal. Some periodontal signs are:

  1. Swollen and red or purplish gum.

Swollen gums usually will be reddish, gums feel soft, bleeding, or pus.  The active ingredients contained in Dental Pro  7 can reduce swelling. Vitamin K on Dental Pro is also very effective in preventing bleeding.

  1. The mouth feels bad and bad breath.

Dental Pro 7 can clean up leftovers and bacteria that can cause bad breath and aggravate periodontal.

  1. Gum shrinkage so that the size of the teeth look higher than usual.

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Depreciation of the gums or recession is caused by infection. Often, infection occurs because pus and bacteria in swollen gums damage the gum tissue.

Dental Pro 7 prevents surgery – Periodontal is caused by gingivitis that is initially left untreated. This inflammation is triggered by the accumulation of plaque that we rarely clean it so gradually forming tartar as a medium for breeding bacteria. Bacteria that initially only irritate the gum area around the tooth (gingival), gradually leads to the formation of gum pockets and infects deeper until it reaches the base of the gum tissue. This severe infection that then damages the tissues and bones in the gums.

Dental Pro 7 Prevents Surgery – Periodontal treatment

Dental Pro 7 Prevents SurgeryIf bacteria and plaque are piled on the root of the tooth, then the root planning method is needed to clear and prevent further buildup, as well as smoothing the root surface. In cases of severe Periodontal, doctors usually apply surgical procedures based on their severity, ranging from surgery to reduce gum pockets, surgery for grafting soft tissue damaged by Periodontal, and bone graft surgery to repair the bones around the tooth root has been destroyed.

Dental Pro 7 prevents surgery – If Periodontal is not severe, doctors will usually prescribe oral or topical antibiotics to remove infectious bacteria. Scaling or crust removal with ultrasonic devices is also needed to remove tartar and bacteria from the tooth surface or the lower part of the gums. In addition, some patients also use Dental Pro 7 to treat their periodontal to avoid surgery.

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