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How to Reduce Receding Gum from Brushing

Never ignore receding gums from brushing, it might cause a problem that can affect your visualization or even the health of your mouth. Enjoying food, smiling and laughing is always good when you have healthy teeth and gums with good care, keeping them as strong as your age. Gums recession, on the other hand, is a dental problem that is caused by poor dental hygiene, age, or brushing. However, what most people miss is how to brush without any trouble with gums.

It’s how you brush!

The best way to reduce receding gums is by always paying attention to the way you brush. What makes people sometimes prevented from getting all the plaque and bacteria hiding under gums are the wrong angle of holding a toothbrush, especially when you are afraid of having pain and bleeding. However, it’s just the technique that most people learn at a young age. Never brush too hard so that you won’t end up with damage, and chose your toothbrush with rather soft.

“Massaging” as the right term

Many people take it a wrong way the term of brushing, thinking of how to clean teeth as well as scrub the tube clean in the same line. However, both are applied differently. Brush teeth gently as the Canadian Dental Association suggests about the use of term messaging action rather than brushing.

To do massaging, do not massage the brush on your teeth roughly to get all the plaque and grub away, but rather with the small circular motions, gentle pressure, and slow movement around your teeth. Hold the brush at 45-degree angle to the gums. Do not forget the inner, outer, and the chewing surface of the teeth. Gently move the brush back and forth in short.

Receding Gums From Brushing

Making an appointment with a Dentist

 It is important to check your mouth with the dentist if you have receding gums from brushing for example. Dentists have certain cleaning procedures called root planning and scaling that will help you out reducing the appearance of receding gums. Besides, Dental Pro 7 No Water is recommended for you to optimize the healing of receding gums. In some cases, receding gums is simply because of genetics but mostly is considered as a sign of advancing gum disease.

For a further problem, you might be suggested with surgery. There are some common surgical treatments including gum graft for reducing receding gums and protecting bone and teeth from future damage, flap surgery in preventing bone loss, and bonding with its function to protect the sensitive root of your teeth. In short, having receding gums from brushing is common but possible to find its reduction


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